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Available for both Mac & Windows System

OST Extractor Pro | Convert OST to PST Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

OST Extractor Pro can convert OST to PST and recover all data from OST files to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook. It’s quick, accurate and easy to use.

OST Extractor Pro is easy to use email conversion tool to convert OST to PST and recover all components from OST files to PST. If you are looking for a quick, easy to use and accurate program to convert Outlook ‘Offline Storage Table‘ of Windows Outlook called OST to the ‘Personal Storage Table‘ file called PST, you’ve arrived at the right place. Built by USL Software, OST Extractor Pro offers exactly what you need to convert OST to PST.

OST Extractor Pro is an ultimate OST to PST converter tool that recovers emails,  tasks, journal items, notes, contacts, events, calendars etc from MS Outlook OST and convert OST to PST data file for Mac and Windows Microsoft Outlook. As Mac Outlook also import the same PST file as Windows Outlook.

  • Professional tool to recover everything and convert OST to PST, including emails, contacts, calendar data, folder structure, non-English text, images, attachments, and every other item.

  • Convert OST to PST extremely precise while dealing with complex data components like metadata, headers, and structure.
  • User-friendly interface for easy conversion and recover
  • 24×7 customer support

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Why Convert OST to PST Files ?

Microsoft Outlook store data in its proprietary format called PST. PST is short for ‘Personal Storage Table.’ But it also uses a variant of PST file called OST. The major difference is that OST file is used for offline storage. When you cannot connect to the server for any reasons, Outlook creates a copy of data in an .OST file. Any changes made to OST will get synced to the servers once the connection is restored.

So, why to bother about converting OST to PST? The following reasons may require you to convert OST to PST files, and one of them reasons is the reason why you are on this page looking for a professional OST to PST Converter.

OST files can get corrupt or inaccessible due to several reasons. Some of them are just unfortunate events out of your control, and some of them are mistakes made by the user without being aware of the consequences:

  • Hardware failure may corrupt OST files, rendering them inaccessible.
  • Sync errors with the servers. Often OST file may not get properly synced with your email account servers, like Exchange. That sometimes damage the file.
  • Deleting Exchange account with which the OST file is registered with. In such a case, the OST file will get completely useless as the original account that created the file in the first case is the only account that can access that file.
  • Virus, malware, abrupt shutdown of system, unexpected shutdown of Outlook, and such events can corrupt your OST files and make them inaccessible.

In all cases, the best option is to convert OST to PST files. However, the traditional and ordinary recovery options cannot extract emails and other items accurately. Only OST Extractor Pro from USL Software has the powerful algorithms to dig deep into the files and get every single component successfully restored and converted to PST files.

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What You Do and Don’t Get with OST Extractor Pro?

OST Extractor Pro is a software application that runs on Windows. OST to PST conversion is a complex job that many tools fail at. Worse is that users are led to believe that manual approach works just fine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. All of that leads to myths and false information, making your important data vulnerable.

So, here’s a very important bullet list of what you actually get with OST Extractor Pro and what you actually don’t.

What you get:

  • A simple to use software application with a user-friendly GUI
  • A complete package for the entirety of this objective, not just a file converter
  • Plenty of necessary and valuable features like splitting large
    PST files, option to convert OST to PST format
  • Supports Multi Language, in case of other providers the converted data comes complete junk
  • 24×7 customer support by chat and email

What you don’t get:

  • A simple file converter to convert the file formats
  • Option to add a plugin or any other additional functions. It h
  • as everything is in-built.
  • Anxiety regarding the integrity of your data
  • Possibility of data loss during recovery and converting OST to PST files

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Salient Features that Make OST Extractor Pro What it Is – The Perfect Solution Most Experts Recommend!

OST Extractor Pro is built by the team of experts’ team at USL Software, and they have made sure none of the elements are ignored. There are no loose threads that can ruin your experience of converting OST to PST. Developed from the inside-out, it has plenty of features to offer you, making it a lot more than just a simple file converter, which is what many ordinary solutions technically are. The whole package of OST Extractor Pro extends beyond that, making it suitable for all sorts of OST to PST migration projects – from home based small projects to large projects involving huge databases at corporations.

So, take a look at the list of features below to understand what is that makes OST Extractor Pro the only tool experts recommend all the time without hesitation for recovering OST data into PST files:

Supports all OST files

The tool supports the recovery and conversion of all kinds of OST files: supports exchange 5.0 to 2017 version, Outlook 2003 to 2019 edition and so on.

Supports Very Large OST files

Often times, OST files can get very large due to the thousands of emails users receive nowadays. OST Extractor Pro knows how to handle large size without compromising with the speed and the accurate of the job itself.


Not being able to recover certain items or components is a major concern involving any sort of recovery or email migration jobs. Which is what makes the 100 accuracy of OST Extractor Pro an incredible and impressive achievement. Whatever that email client can store inside OST files, the program extensively recovers the entirety of that.

It can recover and convert: emails, contacts, calendar data, email attachments and so on.

Sharpest Precision of All!

It’s one thing to convert everything; it’s another to maintain the integrity of the items. Several information components that are not considered separate items, but are part of the data are complex for ordinary algorithms to detect and recover.

OST Extractor Pro,” however, runs its dedicated logic for OST files throughout the entire OST files, delivering the sharpest precision. Nothing is modified. Everything is mapped out with accuracy from OST to PST. This mostly includes items like: the hierarchy of your folders, non-English text (Unicode), nested emails and their order, metadata and headers (to, from, cc, bcc), timestamps and date, email addresses within the content, and other embedded items like worksheets, graphs, Word documents, etc.

Other Features

Several other simple features and options can give a user a lot of value depending on the context. No other OST to PST converter has such flexible options, making them very limited and not fit for use involving complex data and large OST files.

Such as:

  • It recovers and converts even the password protected OST files
  • It supports S/MIME encrypted emails.
  • Extremely fast data-processing, producing results as quick as 1GB within 10 minutes under normal conditions.
  • The output PST files can be imported to any Windows Outlook version: from Outlook 2003 edition to 2019 edition.
  • Straightforward interface provides a simple to follow wizard, making it natural and intuitive for even non-experienced users to recover and convert OST to PST
  • Support for double-byte characters, used by languages like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean
  • Batch conversion for OST files in bulk
  • Dedicated logic for corrupt files

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FAQ for OST Extractor Pro

Here are some of the frequently asked questions for OST Extractor Pro.

  • Q1 – What exactly is “OST Extractor Pro?”
    Answer – It’s a tool that recovers data from OST files and convert OST to PST files (native data file for Windows Outlook), along with other output mail file formats like text, HTML, RFT. It’s required if for some reasons you cannot access OST files, which is a common incident with Outlook users.
  • Q2 – How to use “OST Extractor Pro?”
    Answer – It has a simple GUI that you can make sense of naturally from the moment you launch it. The procedure is incredibly simple – Launch the tool, go to ‘Browse’ to select the OST files you need to convert, check the folders inside OST files you want to convert, and click ‘Next’ to begin.
  • Q3 – Can it convert my email attachments/email addresses/images/folders in correct order/date and time-stamps/etc?
    Answer – The powerful algorithms of OST Extractor Pro makes it a fully and exhaustive recovery tool that misses nothing. It can recover and convert essentially every single item from OST to PST, including attachments, images, email addresses, non-English text, and so on.
  • Q5 – How long will it take to convert X GB of OST files?
    Answer – The speed of data recovery and conversion vary according to factors like the level of damage of OST files, your computer spec, background programs running, and so on. However, OST Extractor Pro is tested for the quickest data conversion, offering speed as fast as 1GB per 10 minutes under normal conditions.
  • Q6 – I need to test it before I buy? Can I?
    Answer – Yes. OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version that allows you to convert 10 items within each folder inside OST files. There are no other limitations in the free trial mode so you can easily evaluate its performance, features, interface, and so on.
  • Q7 – I need help; who to contact?
    AnswerOST Extractor Pro comes backed up with 24×7 customer support of USL Software, ready to help you regarding anything you need help while recovering and converting OST to PST files.
  • Q8 – Unable to convert my ost file as soon as i add it convert on Mac it is crashing?
    Answer: It seems your OST file is on a NTFS formatted external drive. Please copy the OST file to a folder on Mac desktop and convert from there. It will convert as expected

Convert OST to PST both In Mac & Windows

Download the setup using the link given below. Just double-click the .exe file setup, follow the instructions to install “OST Extractor Pro.” You can start the free trial version right away, without signing up for anything.

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You can start recovering your important emails, contacts, and other items from OST to PST in less than two minutes. Get it now to convert ost to pst and other file formats.

Get OST Extractor Pro today to convert OST to PST (for Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003), Apple Mail Archive, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, MBOX, EML, ICS & VCF file formats.