USL Software – The Leading Company Offering Highest Value Tools for Email Migration and Recovery!

USL Software is a software company specialized in email migration and recovery tools. Their products have helped thousands of users and hundreds of corporations move their email databases.

About USL Software

Email migration is a very complex job involving extraction of data from email data files and converting it into required formats.usl software Email clients today like Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. are great, but they don’t offer users proper official solutions to convert formats.

USL Software, the most leading software company, has offered great solutions to turn those advanced migration jobs into extremely simple ones. Their tools are made by skilled team of developers, turning the tools into simple to use ones but also perfect for advanced migration projects involving large databases.

USL Software is dedicated to make it seamless for everyone that needs to switch email clients and have to transfer data.

The major areas of attention that USL Software specializes in are:

  • User Interface to make it easy even for unskilled users and beginners
  • Special algorithms to convert data cleanly
  • Safety for Data to avoid loss and corruption
  • Dedicated Customer Support

Some major successful tools like OST Extractor Pro, PST Extractor Pro, and Mail Extractor Pro have change the landscape of email migration. Earlier, there were plenty of complications and challenges in converting data files. The issues like loss of time, data corruption and fragmentation, difficult user interface, and so on have made the migration jobs too concerning and anxiety driven. USL Software has changed that, and continues to handle and simple the complex jobs regularly.

USL Software has been around for many years now. Ever since the inception, they have continuously innovated the technology and algorithms to process information. Their most impressive innovation is the deep-scan and multi-phase processing that has ensure the conversion is never inaccurate. The tools dig deep into the files, extract, and process everything without missing any items or information. And that has always been the concern with many users.

Some common features in all the tools of USL Software that you won’t find elsewhere are:

  • Preserves folder hierarchy and keeps it same in output files as was with original
  • Supports non-English character and especially Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  • Preserves all email items like metadata and headers, attachments, and images
  • Most Mac based tools have auto-load feature that can automatically load data from the profile/identity folders, as opposed to manually loading files like with ordinary tools.
  • Intuitive and graphical oriented interface with mostly automated actions. Excellent abstraction to ease up the manual process for users.

USL Software have had a huge impact on the industry. Their unconventional but effective tools make it extremely simple for users to handle the otherwise daunting and exhausting jobs. And the whole range of tools make sure that you get USL Software assisted solutions for most of the email migration related tasks.

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