EMLX to EML Mac Export is a Nightmare. Here’s what to DO Instead!

EMLX to EML Mac exporting can get tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Here’s a better alternative approach that you should’ve known all along.

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Perfect Way to Convert EMLX to EML Mac

If you are thinking of converting EMLX to EML Mac files, you should know that it’s a process that comes with dozens of challenges. EML maybe a generic and relatively simple file format that is compatible with many apps and programs. But EMLX is not.

What is EMLX?

EMLX is a raw file format used internally by Mac Mail to store email messages. Each EMLX file contains a single email and the attachments are stored in EMLXPART files. These files are then stored inside an .mbox file/folder package. So even if you found a way to convert EMLX to EML Mac, the attachments would remain behind.

The entire process is tricky, lengthy, and painful.

So let’s back up for a minute and see it all from a different perspective.

Why would you convert EMLX to EML Mac first place?

I am pretty sure you need your data to EML format because you are either.

  • moving to an email client that supports EML, or
  • sharing data with a user that doesn’t have Mac Mail and can easily open EML anywhere
  • You just want to backup your data in a file format that can easily be imported in future to restore the data

OR, to put it all under a single blanket statement – you are looking to convert Mac Mail to EML files. The different with this statement and EMLX to EML Mac file conversion is the absence of EMLX files. And that’s where it all matters.

If Mac Mail to EML is your targeted objective/final goal, stop looking for EMLX to EML Mac converters. Try to convert the data directly from the profile/identity database folder of your Mac Mail to avoid painful data loss, myriad of manual actions, and to avoid severe damage to the integrity.

Mac Software to Convert EMLX to EML

There’s one professionally developed migration utility that lets you do this with surprising ease and precision. It’s called “Mail Extractor Max.”

convert emlx to eml

When you launch the tool for the first time, instead of converting EMLX to EML Mac, you will see instantly notice the option to autoload Mac Mail. Click on it and the entire folders inside the profile database will be ready to convert into EML. You can manually remove any folders that you don’t wish to convert.

And that’s all! It lets you off the hook with trying to manually load EMLX files. It provides the much-needed relief by converting everything precisely with zero lost or partially converted components.

And what’s even better? It is backed up by USL Software excellent 24×7 support that will help you in ay way that’s required.

Here are some more features you will like:

  • It also supports full conversion of all non-English text characters
  • It keeps folder hierarchy undisturbed
  • It runs very quickly
  • It has an intuitive UI
  • It can also convert MBOX to EML files
  • IT can also convert Apple Mail and MBOX files to other formats than EML such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Outlook 2011 RGE files, Postbox, etc.

Get the trial setup today!

The trial versions work for ten items within each folder and gives you the opportunity to try out all other features and the interface.

Download Now at http://www.mailextractormax.com/.

convert emlx to eml mac

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To convert EMLX to EML Mac, try ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.

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