Convert OST to PST Files Without the Complications That Often Part of Unprofessional Converters!

Convert OST to PST Files but without the complications that often tag along with ordinary and sloppy tools. “OST Extractor Pro” is different!

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Convert OST to PST files

OST and PST files are both used to store data. But they are both very dissimilar to each other and are used for different purposes. Ignoring this often leads to keep OST files as backup falsely assuming they can be used later to import data.

But they cannot.

They are not typical data files, like PST or MBOX (for Mac Mail and other clients). OST is short for offline data storage and acts like cached copy of mailboxes, allowing you to work offline. The main difference between PST and OST is that you can import PST files to Outlook, but not OST. OST is direct connected to the email account and Outlook automatically works with OST files to interact with data.

Most users, they would delete the original account without first syncing the data in OST to the servers. This makes the OST files inaccessible. It happens often when an employee of a company quits or switches to another and takes OST file with him, thinking he or she has got the data in it.

There are other reasons too that can make your isolate data under OST with no way of importing into Outlook, like viruses or power failures.

The only way to get your data back is to convert OST to PST files through third-party software applications.

Tool to Convert OST to PST files

And this is where ‘OST Extractor Pro” comes in, which is developed by USL Software and is nothing like the conventional file converters. It’s a complete software utility to help you manage OST to PST file conversion, offering features and functionalities not available with any other traditional programs.

convert ost to pst files

The biggest obstacle to convert OST to PST files is the loss of all the fine details and metadata associated with your emails or contacts or calendar data. Ordinary algorithms could not detect minute but very important components inside OST files, or could not accurately convert them to PST files. This is called the loss of data integrity or data fragmentation, where you don’t get the output with the same properties, details, and structure as the input.

With typical file converters claiming to convert OST to PST files, you can expect partial or fragmented conversion of items like: graphical objects embedded within the bodies of mails, email attachments, headers like To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject, nested emails, non-English text, and so on. These items are hard to properly detect and process with the ordinary algorithms. And losing them can be very detrimental to all the users, especially if your emails were business related. Imagine losing the credit card details of your clients or customers, or important contacts, or basically anything that Outlook deals with.

That’s a very painful situation to deal with.

Convert OST to PST files using ‘OST Extractor Pro’

Luckily, “OST Extractor Pro” is equipped with dedicated algorithms, making it the only capable converter to convert OST to PST files without such errors. You will get perfect, clean version of your data from OST to PST.

convert ost to pst file

In addition to the tool’s capacity of accurate data conversion, it also allows you to change or control few aspects of the conversion. This is very important especially if you have large or multiple OST files to convert to PST. For instance, it supports batch conversion. It also lets you manually remove any unnecessary folders that you don’t want to export to PST.

OST Extractor Pro” is simply the complete solution you need to convert OST to PST files easily and accurately. The simple interface makes it a joy to perform an otherwise very frustrating and lengthy job. Even if you have no idea about the technicalities of email file conversion and are a compete beginner, you can just launch the tool and start following the wizard without second thought intuitively.

Free Trial to Convert OST to PST files

Check it out: If you have any doubts, you can directly download the setup of “OST Extractor Pro” and start using it in a free trial mode. It’s very easy to later activate it to the full version, when you are satisfied and have seen it working in action.

How to Convert OST to PST files?

Watch the video tutorial – How to convert OST to PST

Here is the screenshots (Clean and easy steps)

how to convert ost to pst file

how to convert ost to pst files

To convert OST to PST files, try ‘OST Extractor Pro’ today.

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