Convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail Directly in Mac

Convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail directly in Mac. Most other converters are Windows based. This one also has a simple UI, so you, a beginner, can easily convert data without any damage to the fidelity of it.

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Convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail Directly in Mac OS X – The Finest Email Migration Solution You Can Ever Find.

Convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail

Outlook for Windows uses OST and PST files to store data. OST is created automatically when you add a new email account and is used internally by the client. So OST is not of our use. PST, on the other hand, is a personal file that you can use for manual operations. You can archive all your Outlook data into PST files, including contacts and calendar information.

That is why PST file is used whenever you need to migrate Outlook data. However, it is not used directly because it is a proprietary file format from Microsoft and is not compatible with any other client (except Mac Outlook). But now you can convert both PST and OST to the format where you are trying to migrate the data to.

Outlook (OST) and Apple Mail

In the context of this article, you have to convert OST to Apple Mail compatible files. And for that you need a third-party file converter.

The problem with majority of them is that they are all Windows based. And since the job here is to convert a Windows related file (OST) to Mac related (Apple Mail), the best way forward is to do it in Mac environment.

Building email migration apps for Mac is difficult and therefore you will not find a lot of them. Whatever Mac email migration tools exist, they are incredibly limited and are not of any use in practical situations. You can convert OST file to Apple Mail, one by one, but get no other options and functionality. You can’t split large OST files to small ones, you can’t manually remove folders you don’t want to convert, and so on.

Mac tool to convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail

This is why you need a Mac tool to convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail and not just any tool, but a professional one, developed by an experienced team of developers.

USL Software is exactly such a source for email migration tools where you get a perfect software application built by experts. USL Software is known for generating solution to complex problems in email migration domain and they have done the same for OST to Apple Mail conversion.

The tool is called “OST Extractor Pro” and is fully Mac compatible.

convert ost to apple mail


Get it to convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail

You can get the free trial version here and try it out for yourself. If you have ever used any other OST to Apple Mail converter before, you will quickly notice the massive difference between both. And if you have not, you are lucky you don’t have to deal with all those time-consuming, exhaustive, and complex conversion methods.

convert outlook ost to apple mail

Try it here:

“OST Extractor Pro” offers a simple conversion UI that anyone can use intuitively and get the data moved in no time.

It also features batch conversion, the option to remove folders manually, the option to split large OST files, and so on. One other best facet that comes with USL Software is their support team, which is ready to help you whenever you need any.

To convert Outlook OST to Apple Mail, try OST Extractor Pro today.

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