‘OST Extractor Pro’ Features – Defining the Tool as the Ultimate Solution to Recover and Convert OST files!

‘OST Extractor Pro’ features – defining the tool as the ultimate solution to recover and convert OST files to other file formats.

OST Extractor Pro’ is the ultimate solution to recover your lost data from OST files and output it into PST files. The tool can  convert OST to PST, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML and perfectly suitable for both cases – home users looking or IT professionals looking for advanced conversion. to

The exhaustive list of features below will let you know of its potential and why it suddenly jumped to the top spot as the best OST conversion and recovery tool.

Convert Bulk Files in Batch

If you have tried ordinary conversion tools before, you’d know how frustrating it can get, especially if you have multiple OST files for recovery. These ordinary tools do not support batch conversion, so you have to convert each file individually. It’s unnecessary to explain how that could be a time killer and you could end up losing your work productivity.

Thankfully, “OST Extractor Pro” runs a special dedicated logic targeted OST framework that enhances data-flow during recovery and conversion. That makes it the fastest tool for the job. It can handle files with a lightning fast speed. Under regular conditions, you could get as fast as 1 GB within ten minutes. Thanks to the modern algorithms that do not deal with unnecessary jumps and gaps in data processing.

Handles Large OST files

Another branch of its special algorithms is its ability to handle large OST files, even in bulk. So, if you have a file of extreme size, you can easily convert it to PST and also recover data from it seamlessly. This goes directly against many other conventional solutions that simply breakdown when processing hefty files.

OST Extractor Pro” doesn’t compromise with the data safety, speed, and other performance issues when dealing with either large OST files, even during batch processing.

Support OST Files Generated from All Sources

OST file is a format to store emails and all other items in Windows Outlook. It differs from PST in one way – that it an offline storage format (OST refers to ‘Offline storage table’, as opposed to ‘Personal Storage Table’ for PST). Whenever you make any changes to your emails, they are saved in OST files, and are synced to the servers when the connection to the internet is stored.

The issue with many applications dealing with OST file is that sometimes they don’t support some kind of OST files. But “OST Extractor Pro” doesn’t discriminate against any OST file created from any source. It supports:

  • Outlook versions from 97 to 2019

  • Exchange 5.0 to 2017 edition

  • Office 365 Outlook subscriptions

  • ANSI OST file

The same also applies to the output PST files given by “OST Extractor Pro.” They can be imported effortlessly into any Outlook installation in Windows or Mac.

Multiple Options for Output

Recovering data from within OST files and outputting it into PST is the most frequently used function of “OST Extractor Pro.” But it’s not all. Depending on your needs, you can also recover data and convert it into other more generic and standard formats, like: MBOX file, EML file, and or Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, Postbox.

OST Extractor Pro can convert OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

Accurate Folder Hierarchy Mapping

Anyone using a desktop email client like Outlook most likely have to arrange their emails in particular folders. Sometimes, all the folders create a complex structure or hierarchy. Any job of migrating the email data risks losing the hierarchy, and that could make it a huge problem when you have to actually use your emails later on.

Only ‘OST Extractor Pro’ has the perfect mapping of the folders that keeps the hierarchy perfect. It doesn’t misplace or modify any folder at all, so you get your data exactly same. The tool basically creates an entire replica of database from OST to PST, which is much more impressive considering that it also has to perform data extraction and recovery (it’s not just a file name converter).

Supports Text in All Languages

Email is the most common and frequently used medium for communication across the world. No civilization in 21st century that has electricity is free of the impact emailing has made.

So, that makes email recovery and migration difficult. Why? Because it’s unlikely that all your emails, especially if you are a business user of emails, are in English. Non-English text characters, like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, are encoded differently than English. Most tricky ones are double-bye characters, using two bytes instead of one to encode a graphical character. Most tools for recovery and conversion do not support such characters, rendering the text in output PST files corrupt.

“OST Extractor Pro” supports all major languages and will never damage the text inside your emails. It supports Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, along with other languages.

Recovers the Entire Data and Leaves Nothing Behind

Perhaps the most important feature that everyone ever looks for in email migration and recovery tools is the full recovery of everything. Emails have gotten quite complex these days. They are not just the mode for transmitting a simple string of text and characters from one network to other. They are used for sharing any kind of information with other users. This includes files attached to the emails, word documents, excel sheets, images embedded into email body, nested emails in a conversational manner, and many more.

It’s important for a software program to keep track of these items and convert all of them cleanly. Only “OST Extractor Pro” offers such accuracy. You will never have to worry about missing a single item, or having an imprecise conversion. There will be no loss of data integrity, no unwanted modification, no data fragmentation.

It also supports password protected OST files and emails encrypted with S/MIME protocols.

Interface – Making the Job a Breeze!

Lastly, the interface of “OST Extractor Pro” is so simple that even if you have no experience and no technical knowledge of anything, you can still perform the conversion with ease.

Just follow the intuitive wizard and the instructions, and you’ll be fine. All the advanced features are easy to apply and the process feels completely natural even to untrained persona.

Other Highly Valuable Features

Along with the other major ones listed above, there are few more features that offer quite a huge difference in convenience and flexibility as compared to ordinary conventional tools. Such as:

  • Manually mark or unmark folders inside OST files. No need to convert all folders if you don’t want to.

  • Ignore all empty folders in a single click

  • Full and brief log report for advanced recovery projects

24×7 Customer Support

With many tools, 24×7 customer support isn’t usually listed as a feature with many tools. And maybe it’s not. But with the 24×7 expert, friendly, and responsive customer support of USL Software, it is most likely a very important part of its set of features. It brings the entire process closer to perfect. Because if you ever fall into a setback or have any query, you can always rely on the support to help you resolve anything. It truly makes “OST Extractor Pro” a complete package for converting and recovering data from OST to PST. This is the reason the tool extends outwards and separates itself from a mere “file converter” that most other tools are.

Download the setup of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ using the link below.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/download-now/

OST Extractor Pro available for both Mac & Windows. Download according to your needs.

Just launch the tool and start using it straight away in its free trial mode to check out the features and the interface. There’s no need to give any information or sign up for anything. There’s no need for setting up the tool or to go through any initial configuration.

You can export your data from OST to PST, MBOX, EML, or Apple Mail Archive format in less than expected time.

There’s no better to export OST files to PST than “OST Extractor Pro” in both Mac or PC.

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