Online Tool to Convert OST to PST Versus Desktop Based!

Online tool to convert OST to PST aren't sophisticated enough to get all the data items like headers, images, Unicode text, MIME define emails, and more. Try this cross-platform Desktop based application for the job if you want efficient and precise results.

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Online Tool to Convert OST to PST Vs Desktop Based

If you are looking to convert your OST to PST files, stop looking for an online converter. First of all, there are extremely few converters that even convert the files to at least some extent. Secondly, most of these converters are built for the web-browsers like Chrome and Firefox and have server-based scripting.

Which means that the data is processed (extraction and conversion) on the servers rather than on your machine/computer. These online, web-based tools have offered users a lot of convenience for several dozens of tasks. While avoiding downloading and installing any third-party applications, users can do a lot of tasks.

However, it is not applicable for anything complex that may require your desktop to process data. While email migration is not a resourceful job, it is not possible to accurately convert files through online tools.

Same goes for online tool to convert OST to PST files. OST is a internal functional file of Windows Outlook (built to design in such a way that users can access data even offline). The web-based online tools lack the proper algorithms that can extract all the complex data like headers and MIME defined content to properly implement into PST files.

For that you require desktop based solutions.

Online tool to convert ost to pst, alternative

And the matter might be simplified by simply getting any desktop OST to PST converter, but the fact remains that even commercial OST to PST conversion desktop tools have limitations. They either do not support Unicode text or MIME defined emails, or have poor interfaces, or dozens of other annoying problems.

Therefore, many are always looking for a perfect, professional solution that can give them what they need in order to make this otherwise conversion process quick and accurate. You too most likely are looking for such a converter.

Convert OST to PST in Mac and Windows

Fortunately, you landed on the exact page you need to be on. The tool recommended below is one of the most recommended software application that can convert OST to PST with the precision that everyone wants. It also has eliminated other problems that plague tasks like these.
It is called “OST Extractor Pro,” developed by USL Software.

online tool to convert ost to pst

One of its many benefits is that it is available for both Mac and Windows. Most users are looking to convert OST to PST, which are both Windows Outlook native files, so Windows version is best for them. But “OST Extractor Pro” can also convert OST to several other formats including MBOX and EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox. For those tasks, you can get the Mac edition for the best results.

convert ost to pst online

Try it today

It’s free to try. Download the setup file here and install it through the simple instructions. It automatically runs on default trial mode, which converts ten items per folder. Gives you enough leverage to inspect all the features, accuracy, speed, and interface in detail.

Also, the tech support is available 24×7 to assist you whenever required.

ost to pst converter online

Do not go for online tool to convert ost to pst, you data are more valuable.

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