Open OST File in Outlook 2016 – Simplified!

Open OST File in Outlook 2016 Mac / WIndows is strangely confusing and demanding. Here’s a simple approach that might take you by surprise!

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Way to Open OST file in Outlook 2016

Do you have OST file to import in your Mac Outlook? If yes, I have bad news. There’s no way to open it in any email client. In fact, OST file cannot be opened in Windows Outlook either, where it is originally associated with. Converting it for Mac Outlook 2016 is even trickier.

You might have saved your OST file from your office’s Windows PC to your personal Mac. Or someone shared it with you. Whatever the reason is, getting it to open it in Mac Outlook 2016 can take its toll on many users, including IT experts.

But here’s the simplest approach that will surprise you.

How to Open OST file in Outlook 2016

Try “OST Extractor Pro,” from USL Software. It’s a Windows tool that runs smoothly and converts files safely. We will launch Mac Version soon, so it will be a cross platform tool.

open ost file in outlook

So, what does “OST Extractor Pro” does? It converts OST files to PST. But wait a minute? PST is not native to Mac Outlook. Mac Outlook uses OLM files. So how can the tool be useful in this scenario? Simple – Outlook in Mac may not have PST as the native data file but PST can be used to import data. It’s quite convenient and straightforward.

Therefore, forget all the lengthy manual solution or weird ways to open OST File in Outlook 2016. They never work anyway. If they do, they can really damage the output files and often result in data integrity loss. “OST Extractor Pro,” instead will give you the simplest solution with its intuitive GUI that will make the entire thing incredibly simple.

There is no complicated tutorial, no initial configuration, nothing! Just download, install, load the OST file, choose the folders, and get the files converted into PST.

how to open ost file in outlook 2016

Open OST in Outlook 2016 Simplified

If you are worried about accuracy, do not. “OST Extractor Pro” is not just a simple tool, it is also the most accurate. And when it comes to OST to PST conversion, it’s even more impressive that the tool will convert the entire details from the files without missing a single item.

There are always few components that any other approach to open OST file in Outlook 2016 will leave out, called the loss in data fidelity. Such as: images, attachments, metadata, nested emails, headers, and so on. Losses of these components are not just an annoyance, but can actually be detrimental to your sensitive data. Therefore, using any other ordinary tool that doesn’t promise the data safety and full conversion is not a wise choice.

open ost file in outlook 2016

Other than that, “OST Extractor Pro” is also very powerful and can be used by IT experts in large conversion projects. If you have many OST files and you want to open ost file in Outlook 2016, you can use OST Extractor Pro without any worries. It supports batch conversion of very large OST files in one attempt. It also allows users to manually ignore folders that are no longer needed in output PST files. The detail conversion log at the end helps advanced users understand and analyze the conversion thoroughly.

Get it to Open OST file in Outlook 2016

Click here to download it now.

The free trial version can be used instantly without any signing up, activation, or configuration. If you are confident about its potential and accuracy after the trial version, you can simply buy the license key depending on your needs and activate the full version.

open ost in outlook

There’s also support 24×7 that will clear up any queries you have or if off chance you face any setback (which is unlikely), they will help move past it quickly.

OST Extractor Pro (Mac and Windows) can recover and convert data from OST file to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox (Including Emails, Contacts, Calendars etc.)

open ost in outlook 2016

Get ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ today to open ost file in Outlook 2016 / 2011 for Mac and Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 for Windows.

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