OST to OLM Converter for Mac – import OST to Outlook 2016/2011

OST to OLM Converter for Mac eases the path of OST files to OLM format and enhances the pleasantness of the process for customers.

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OST to OLM Converter for Mac

The easiest execution procedure for the formidable task of conversion of Windows Outlook OST data file to OLM format of Mac Outlook has been devised and incorporated by USL Software in its tool OST to OLM Converter. The painstaking research of USL’s software engineers has made the tool Mac OS compatible and fully automated; the former establishes the direct route for the tool to convert OST files to OLM format and the latter makes it all a soothing and easy experience for customers.

Note: Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 can import OLM, PST and RGE file format. OST Extractor Pro can convert OST file to PST file, which can be easily imported to both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook. OST Extractor Pro is available for both Mac & Windows.

ost to olm converter for mac

Here is what you can have with OST to OLM Converter:

OST Data Safety

The sophisticated task of OST to OLM Conversion can be evil to Outlook OST file when executed with a mediocre tool which lacks the required technology for the process. The only company which has offered premium security cover to customers’ Mail database and guaranteed its safe conversion to OLM/PST format is USL software. OST to OLM Converter is certified which reflects its potential to convert Outlook OST database to Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook supported file (PST) without any stain of data corruption loss or distortion.

Accurate OST to OLM Conversion

OST to OLM Converter shall be your choice if you need a useful OST to OLM Conversion. Other tools, sometimes, convert OST files to OLM format but render it useless by giving in to various threats of OST to OLM Conversion process. The OST to OLM Converter not just produces a safe and complete OST to OLM Conversion, but also a usable one by not altering originality of any content of Outlook OST file during its conversion to PST format. Thus, the converted database is comprehensible and usable.

ost to olm

OST to OLM Conversion in no time at all

The most lucrative aspect of this tool is its speed. The OST to OLM Converter converts Windows Outlook OST files to OLM format in just a matter of minutes. Its accuracy in this regard has not waned since its launch.

Pleasant post-conversion phase

The post-conversion phase of OST to OLM Conversion can be as dreadful as the conversion process, if the converted Outlook database is not arranged properly. It is well-known that customers face a hard time in locating their converted files in the new email client which affects their work immensely. The common trend of mediocre tools to leave converted Outlook database unorganized has been changed by the OST to OLM Converter which retains the original folder arrangement of Outlook Database; this establishes two goals:

  1. Customers have an organized OST to OLM Conversion
  2. They find it easy to locate their converted database because they are already familiar with the arrangement of files.

If you too want to locate your converted files without any hassle after a successful OST to OLM Conversion, try USL’s OST to OLM Converter aka OST Extractor Pro.

ost to olm converter

Inspect OST to OLM Converter for free

USL Software offers a demo version of OST to OLM Converter for free which helps customers in verifying the tool’s description for themselves, and in making a more conscious and stress-free investment decision. So, head on to download page now and download the free trial version of OST to OLM Converter to see the easiest OST to OLM Conversion process for yourself.

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