OST to PST Converter for Mac / Windows – The Essential Utility Everyone Who Needs to Convert OST to PST Should Have!

“OST Extractor Pro” is the essential tool, and the only OST to PST Converter for Mac that anyone who needs to convert these files accurately should use!

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OST to PST Converter for Mac / Windows

Whether you often need to convert OST to PST files in your Mac, or you need to do it only once – it can get hard to get the proper software solution that works correctly. And more importantly, since OST and PST are native Windows Outlook data files, it can be almost impossible to get them converted within Mac.

NOTE: – PST is compatible with Mac Outlook. You can use it to import data in your Mac Outlook version.

So, if you are wondering if there are any OST to PST converter for Mac that works the way you’d expect any professional tool to work, you need to stop wondering since you just found the best one.

OST Extractor Pro” is brought to you by one of the leading companies in email migration and conversion domain, USL Software. It’s the essential software utility that you should definitely have if your intentions are to convert OST to PST without the headaches and challenges of data loss and other setbacks usually faced with the job. USL Software worked industriously to eliminate every flaws and complexities that usually make any other ordinary tool fail miserably.

OST to PST Converter for Mac & Windows

OST Extractor Pro” can be downloaded for both Mac or Windows, depending on where you want to use it. Both editions are professional developed to give accurate and quick conversion results. But with the Mac’s edition, it is more valuable and helpful because no other OST to PST converter for Mac has managed to offer a way to convert the files with any sort of decent safety and precision for data.

But ‘OST Extractor Pro.’

ost to pst converter for mac

Here are some of its primary features that will give you an idea of how it works with its superior and unmatched algorithms:

Batch Conversion and Support for large files:

You can convert overly large OST files to PST, and you can convert many of them in one attempt. All other ordinary OST to PST converter for Mac falter at batch conversion, if they support at all.

Converts files with folder hierarchy:

You know those folders in which you have arranged your emails – they can be incredibly hard to preserve during OST conversion to PST. But “OST Extractor Pro” Knows how to keep them unharmed and migrate the entire details of your folders’ location and structure from OST to PST.

Support for Non-English characters:

Another tricky component of all email files during conversion can be the non-English characters. Not all, but some of the languages like Chinese and its variants (Japanese, Korean, etc.) are encoded using double byte characters (DBCS), and therefore are often partially converted by sloppy algorithms. “OST Extractor Pro” was built from the beginning to keep this common limitation away from the tool. So, you can let go of the worrying thought of losing all your international emails during the transition.

Simple Interface:

This could easily slide under the radar from many developers and companies considering that building a tool that can convert the data accurately is hard enough to let alone focus on the interface. But USL Software has managed to design a surprisingly intuitive GUI that lets any beginner and non-experienced user start using ‘OST Extractor Pro” from get go without having any knowledge about the process.

Download OST to PST Converter for Mac

Get it here: http://www.ostextractorpro.com/download-now/.

Download the free trial version today. It converts ten items per folder but doesn’t restrict you from using any feature.

ost to pst converter mac

The way “OST Extractor Pro” has simplified an otherwise tedious process is impressive. So, if you are looking for OST to PST Converter for Mac or Windows, try it today.

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