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OST to PST converter free download (trial), the convenient software application to get your OST files converted into PST. It’s built around the complexities and the challenges and gives you the easiest data conversion opportunity.

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OST to PST Converter Free Download

OST to PST conversion is required when your OST files have become inaccessible. That can happen in variety of ways:

  1. First of all, OST file isn’t made for manual data control tasks, like import, export, or backup. It’s an internal functional file for Outlook to store emails.
  2. When you delete the original email, account associated with your OST files, the files will become inaccessible. If you will add the same email account, the client will create a new file from scratch. But in certain situations, like switching your company, you can’t access or add that email account again, rendering the OST files inaccessible with important data stuck in them.
  3. Malware can corrupt the files.
  4. Other events like unexpected shutdown of system, network failure, hard disk failure, etc. can also sometimes disconnect OST with the client’s internal function. You can try to recover, which will make the client download data from servers and create a new OST file. But if the data inside OST files had not already been synced to the servers, you can’t get them back again.

And there are other ways where the data inside OST files can be unreachable.

These situations call for the tedious and time consuming but necessary action: converting OST to PST. There are few third-party OST to PST converter free download options available, but those software are limited in what they can do, can be hard for beginners, and often output files with data integrity oversights.

There are also paid tools, often custom-built for large corporations. But obviously they are hard to use, expensive, and may not necessarily allow you to do what you want.

A Professional Tool for Converting OST to PST

That’s where “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software comes in. It’s an amazing tool in part because it has intuitive UI and in part because of advanced algorithms.

ost to pst converter free download software

But what does advanced algorithm mean in this context? Algorithms are required to extract and process information in these files for correct conversion. Most tools have generic set of algorithms that can leave partial data in output PST files. Missing images, broken Unicode text, modified folder structure, and other similar errors are common. But “OST Extractor Pro” have dedicated and precise algorithms that do not offer the same result.

ost to pst converter free download

You can expect this tool to convert every single piece of information from OST to PST files.

Moreover, the UI is intuitive for everyone to use and to implement its advanced features. If you don’t know anything behind the email migration task (in technical terms), no need to worry. You can use the tool with equal proficiency as an expert would.

ost to pst converter free

Keep in mind that it can also convert OST to other formats like MBOX, Apple Mail, EML, Thunderbird, and more.

ost to pst converter

OST to PST Converter free Download (Trial)

Try it here. The free trial version is not time limited nor feature limited. The only thing difference in paid and free version is that the free version will convert up to ten items per folder while the paid one has no limitation.

Get OST to PST Converter free download trial version and try it out.

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