OST to PST Conveter – The Simplest Tool with Advanced Functionality!

OST to PST Conveter can make a lot of users suffer even if they have the experience of email file conversion. But with this tool, you can conveniently convert them without issues!

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

OST Extractor Pro” is an OST to PST conveter by USL Software. But it is unlike any other tool, and here are 8 reasons why.

ost to pst conveter

Why it is the best OST to PST Conveter

  1. Easy to download, install, and setup
    From downloading the setup to installing is simple enough that you can go through the entire thing and start converting files in under two minutes. Click the link here to download the setup.
  2. Several few licenses and Free Trial Version
    OST to PST Conveter aka OST Extractor Pro is available in few licenses options depending on the number of machines you need to use it. The licenses vary from personal to household to large enterprises. And plus, there’s a free trial version that converts ten items per folder that you can get right and check it out all the features in details.
  3. Tech Support at all hours
    Have any query? Facing any setback during conversion? Contact the support staff of USL Software and they resolve whatever situation you have going on instantly. The support team is quick to respond, friendly, and expert on email conversion.
  4. Natural to use interface
    The OST to to PST Conveter tool is designed in such a way that the complexity of OST to PST file Conversion is not your problem anymore. Through minimalistic style interface, automation, minimal inputs, clear instructions, and some creative layout for the options, and the features – “OST Extractor Pro” actually makes the job easy and smooth as a breeze.
  5. Support large OST files and in bulk
    The OST to to PST Conveter tool cannot only convert large OST files correctly; it can also convert them in bulk. Just select the whole folder where the OST files are stored and the tool will convert them altogether to PST format. And if you are concerned that large scale conversion would affect the accuracy of output files, don’t be. The tool doesn’t make any compromise with the data integrity.
  6. Converts email items like headers, metadata, and other details
    There is a lot of information associated with emails that help us make sense of them, for example: time and date, sender and receiver’s email addresses, Subject Line, CC and BCC, and so on. The OST to PST Conveter doesn’t convert the emails while leaving such metadata behind. It will convert everything with all the details preserved.
  7. Converts folder hierarchy too
    Most converters simply convert all the emails in one single batch without keeping the information of the folders intact. This ends up with one large batch of emails in one single place. But the ost to pst conveter reads the OST files along with the folder hierarchy information and converts then to PST with the same structure of folders.
  8. Converts text in all languages
    The biggest impact of emails is communication with the entire world without restrictions. This natural leads to emails that are not in English. Or you may be from non-English speak country and has all the emails in another language than English. But do not worry. The OST to PST Conveter has a dedicated logic for all encoding standards used for different languages such as Unicode, DBCS, UTF-8, and so on. It even supports Chinese characters that are also used in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Try this OST to PST Conveter

Download it now and see it for yourself.

Get the ost to pst conveter here: http://www.ostextractorpro.com/download-now/.

ost to pst conveter tool

These 8 features make “OST Extractor Pro” the best ost to pst conveter tool for OST2PST conversion.

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