Distinct OST to PST Free Converter – Piercing Accuracy, Unique Features, Yet Familiar and Intuitive UI!

OST to PST Free converter that is developed to offer a piercing accuracy down to the smallest detail, has advanced functionality, and yet offers a famililar intuitive interface to less-experienced users.

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OST to PST free Converter

Email migration, or rather any task involving transferring of data, across different email clients and program is always a bit on the intimidating side, even for experts. Unlike other data files like those for audio and video, email files can be too intricate with a rich source of varying contents and information. You cannot simply extract what you like and rebuild the information for another format.

If you are handed the job of converting OST to PST, you may be anxious, and you should be. A large portion of techniques, tools, or solutions available today will take you through myriads of steps that don’t lead to happy results. With sizeable integrity errors, lack of flexibility, lack of user’s support, and other copious amounts of minor troubles has turned this process into a nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Even though OST and PST doesn’t share similar inner structure for storing data, there’s a possible way to draw out the contents from OST and make it so it fits nicely into new PST files for Outlook (either Windows or Mac). This requires sturdy algorithms and dedicated scripting to extract all the complex bits and pieces inside the files.

OST to PST free converter alternative

There’s no better solution than “OST Extractor Pro” to go about this process. “OST Extractor Pro” eliminates essentially all the drawbacks and little nuisances that a generic converter fails to. Through its familiar and basic UI to clever algorithms and unique features/controls, the tool will setup you up for success for an otherwise hard job.

ost to pst free

OST Extractor Pro” is also a tool to directly convert OST to  Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox data from profile/identity directories of these clients. But for now, this article will only focus on OST to PST conversion.

ost to pst free converter

The best way to find out about it is by trying it out directly, through personal use. You can check out the free version here. Want to read more? The list below touches upon the most unique features that make the tool different from the rest of PST to OST Free utilities.

OST to PST free converter Download Trial Version

Click here to download for Mac and Windows version of ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

  1. First of all, it runs on both Windows and Mac, and thus, allows certain benefits that a Windows based solution can never.
  2. It lets you load any number of OST files and converts them all to PST in one go.
  3. The tool supports Unicode text conversion, meaning any non-English characters, like Chinese or Japanese.
  4. It runs quickly and doesn’t waste your precious time. The smooth data-flow offers speed as fast as 1 GB per ten minutes under most circumstances.
  5. The option to control the output size of PST files helps you get multiple but small sized files that are easier to import. If you leave this option blank, the tool will convert the entire selection of OST files into one massive PST files, which is too bad to manage them afterwards, and yet the ability to split them is rarely present in generic tools.
  6. The 24×7 support of USL Software finally joins any broken links and give you the ultimate experience which is as easier as it is professional.

ost to pst free converter download

Download the OST to PST free converter trial setup today!

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