Here’s a Solution to Convert MBOX to PST Mac OS X without Any of the Usual Problems!

Here is your best solution to convert MBOX to PST Mac OS X. The tool can convert the mbox data accurately and without any losing anything.

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Convert MBOX to PST in Mac OS X

If you came here looking for a way to get your MBOX files converted to PST, you will not be disappointed.

Converting MBOX to PST Files in Mac OS X can be a little tough due to the difference and incompatibility of files. And not just that, MBOX and PST are both naturally suitable for different operating systems. Though MBOX is a generic file, it is usually associated with Mac Mail. And though PST can be imported to Mac Outlook, it is a proprietary file format by Microsoft specifically for Windows Outlook.

Therefore, moving your emails and other items from a Mac-based email client (‘Mail’) to Windows-based (Outlook) by converting MBOX to PST in Mac OS X directly can be tricky.

Thankfully though, there’s a way, and no, it doesn’t involve any manual fiddling with the files or database directories or any of those inefficient IMAP sync methods.

The correct way to go about this business is to use a professional MBOX to PST converter that can be run into Mac OS X, and only to use a professional tool. The freeware solutions would often lack in proper algorithms to get to the base of your files and convert the tiny yet significant items of information.

With ordinary freeware tools to convert MBOX to PST in Mac OS X, you can find issues like the modified or completely lost folder hierarchy, corrupt images, missing string of non-English text characters, and so on. This is called a compromise in the fidelity of data (or data integrity loss) and is never a pretty thing to experience.

Pro App to Convert MBOX to PST

A professionally developed framework to convert data can avoid that. And it’s available in a software app called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s the only tool to convert a Mac file into a Windows file (MBOX to PST) directly in a Mac environment. All other solutions that work decently are slow and inaccurate and are Windows based.

Mail Extractor Pro” can handle the MBOX files with ease, extract the contents thoroughly, and give you the clean output PST files that match with the architecture of data in the original files.

convert mbox to pst

You can also use the Gmail MBOX (the ones that you can download with the Google Takeout feature). It works perfectly for batch migration projects where you have more than one MBOX file. Converting in bulk doesn’t derail the process or compromise with the precision, unlike other tools.

And lastly, the conversion becomes even easier thanks to its intuitive UI. The generic nature of MBOX to PST converters have usually put off users from trying out third-party tools because the interfaces are built poorly. Not with “Mail Extractor Pro.” It has a UI that you can naturally interact with, without even knowing any technical jargon or having any experience with email migration.

convert mbox to pst mac os x

Want to see how to convert mbox to pst?

Just click the link below and download the setup. “Double-click on it and install. Launch and you will instantly know what to do. There will be a button to load the MBOX files and as soon as you select them, the next steps will be clear to you.

  1. Launch ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ and click on “MBOX file: Load”.
  2. Browse and select mbox files to convert.
  3. Check optional settings.
  4. Click on convert. That’s all.

Download to Convert MBOX to PST

Get “Mail Extractor Pro” if your objective is to convert MBOX to PST directly in Mac OS X without the usual challenges you’d most likely face with generic methods or any other freeware tools.

Download it here:

mbox to pst

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