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Get your hands on the most qualified Microsoft OST to PST converter online, the key to safe, quick, and professional conversion that even surpasses custom-built though clunky solutions for large corporations.

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Microsoft OST to PST Converter Online – Grab Your Free trial of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ Installer File Now and convert ost to pst without any hassle.

Get your hands on most qualified Microsoft OST to PST converter online that will get your data converted accurately and quickly. Published and built meticulously by USL Software, the converter turns the most demanding process into a simplified job that any one can do without efforts or going through myriads of complex manual setups.

The Most Qualified Microsoft OST to PST Converter Online

OST and PST are data files associated with Microsoft Outlook. But often, the corruption of OST can render them inaccessible, although with the data perfectly reserved inside them. At other times, failing to make the distinction between OST and PST can lead to the users mistakenly deleting their email account and PST files, assuming the data can later be restored through OST.

It cannot be. OST is more like an internal functioning data file for Outlook than a data file like PST. OST cannot be manually imported or in fact, cannot be operated in any way other than Outlook automatically using it for internal processing. It also contains only emails, not contacts or calendar entries.

When you add an email account in Outlook, the client downloads your data from servers into an OST. The function of OST is to let users work with emails even in an offline mode, and after the connection is restore, the changes made get synced with the servers. At most times, OST is just a cached copy on your local computer of your mailboxes on servers.

PST, on the other hand, stands for personal storage table, and is a personal data file that can be used for various tasks like importing, exporting, backing update, archiving, and so forth.

Anyway, if you do have an inaccessible OST data file due to corruption or any other reasons, you don’t need to worry. By converting it into PST, you can easily restore the emails inside those files back to Outlook.

Microsoft OST to PST Converter By USL Software

To make that happen with the least amount of efforts or resistance, the best approach is to use this excellent Microsoft OST to PST converter online, by USL Software. It’s officially named as “OST Extractor Pro”.

microsoft ost to pst converter

As the name suggests, it works by extracting contents from OST files and then converting them into PST format. This is rather complex process that cannot be done through generic data extraction techniques, at least not by simply renaming .ost extension to .pst.

USL Software implemented the sharp and acute algorithms to extract all emails along with their metadata and properties and all other items that can be stored inside emails (like images, headers, email addresses, links, text formatting, Unicode content, attachments, etc.). Through such algorithms, the tool finishes the conversion job with accuracy that is incredibly far-reaching by miles in compared to any other tool or method for the same job.

The tool makes it even easier for basic users by making the interface basic and minimalistic, while not meeting halfway with other necessities of email file conversion. For instance, you can manually remove folders you don’t want to convert, or split large PST files, or convert files in bulk. All these sophisticated features are offered in unification with the blunt accuracy and intuitive UI.

microsoft ost to pst converter online

Microsoft OST to PST Converter Online Download

You can see it all for yourself through the free trial program offered by USL Software. Download the setup file here. In case of any queries or holdups, get in touch with the support to quickly resolve them to the fullest of your satisfaction.

If you are looking for Microsoft OST to PST Converter Online, then try ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ for safe and hassle free conversion.

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