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OST to Apple Mail Converter for ultra precise and extensive conversion, simple to interact with, yet equipped with sophisticated features, and comes with a free trial version.

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Simply the Best OST to Apple Mail Converter – Accurate, Intuitive, and Yet Sophisticated!

OST to Apple Mail converter is a particularly unique and rather complex category of email migration tools that help users in doing exactly what it says – converting OST files to Apple Mail Archive. Where OST and Apple Mail Database are data files storing items like emails, contacts, calendar entries, and other items that are used by your email clients, respectively Outlook in Windows and Mail in Mac OS X.

This file conversion is a necessary and the only way forward if you want to get your data exported from Outlook to Mac Mail. Why? Because OST isn’t compatible with Apple Mail (or other clients) due to its proprietary nature. And also because other methods of migrating emails and other data forms are incredibly inefficient.

convert ost to apple mail

You might have read online about all other methods of import/exporting email data. Like using a dummy email account and its server as a transitional step between Outlook and Apple Mail migration. What you might have missed is that it is devastatingly slow, requires higher internet speed and bandwidth, and can still output fragmented files and data with compromised integrity.

Professional Tool to Convert OST to Apple Mail

Everything considered, using a professional OST to Apple Mail converter is your best chance to get the data transferred successfully. But finding such a converter can be equally testing and an arduous process.

And that’s why you are here, looking for a decent OST to Apple Mail converter that can convert your files without messing your important contents.

OST Extractor Pro,” from USL Software, meets all the benchmarks of a professional OST to Apple Mail converter. It is what you’ve been looking for if you want to convert the files quickly, without compromising the integrity of your files, and without messing up other metadata or details from the database.

ost to apple mail converter

OST Extractor Pro” has a lot to offer you in terms of features and functionalities that other ordinarily built converters don’t.

Convert OST to Apple Mail, Address Book, Calendar (iCal)

For instance, it features a full support for converting multiple OST files in bulk in a single attempt. You can move all your OST files that you want to convert into a single folder and then simply select that folder. No more toiling with a single file conversion tools that can take unreasonable amount of time.

Another economical functionality and often missing from the usual converters is removing any particular folder or folders that you don’t wish to output into Apple Mail files. An average OST to Apple Mail converter at its best simply changes the files format but offers no flexibility in choosing what to convert and what to avoid. With “OST Extractor Pro,” you get full control over everything.

OST to Apple Mail Conversion Simplified

And considering its sophisticated features, it is even more impressive because the tool is rather very simple and intuitive to use. There’s a simple wizard that any experience or total beginner can follow and convert files quickly without having to do much. But also, for a large-scale OST to Apple Mail conversion projects (like a corporate environment), an expert can make the best of all its features and advanced options to create the desired output.

OST Extractor Pro” features algorithms that sweep the entire database and all its associated properties/metadata from OST to Apple Mail such that you get ultra-precise and exhaustive migration. Nothing is missed, nothing is modified, and nothing is lost.

It converts non-English text characters, email attachments, any graphical embedded objects, SMTP headers (to, from, cc, bcc, subject line), folder hierarchy, nested emails, contacts and calendars, time and date stamps, text formatting, and more.

Try This OST to Apple Mail Converter

Download the setup file and install it right now. You don’t have to go through any activation or such right away. Just starting using it in its default trial mode to get a hang of the interface, check out the features personally, and then go for the relevant license to activate to the full version. The trial mode converts ten items per folder, but restricts no premium feature and you get a complete idea of how it works in action.

Click the link here to download the setup.

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If you are looking for OST to Apple Mail Converter, then give it a try.

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