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OST to EML converter for Mac and Windows - Convert your files without taking any loss such as that of images, attachments, or other items. Offered by USL Software.

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OST to EML Converter

Both OST and EML are data files that are completely opposite of each other. OST is used respectively in Windows Outlook and EML is primarily used in Windows Live Mail, but can also be used with Thunderbird and other email clients. The dissimilarity in both files make it hard to convert them.

And why would anyone want to convert them? Considering that you are on this page that is titled OST to EML converter for Mac, you already somewhat know why you are looking for such a converter that can convert the files. But for others, here’s a brief primer:

OST to EML Converter for Mac / Windows

Since Windows Outlook stores data in OST file but that file isn’t compatible with other clients, you face a problem during migration. If you are moving to Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, you cannot simply copy your OST or PST file there. And other manual migration methods (like IMAP based sync method) are too painfully slow or inefficient or inaccurate. Other reason to convert the file might be sharing your data with others who don’t have Windows Outlook.

In both cases, your best chance to get data moved or shared with others is by converting OST to EML. Once converted, you can easily import EML into Windows Live Mail or any other program that supports EML (and there are plenty).

But then comes the hardship of using ordinary OST to EML converter. Most of them are Windows based because to develop an email migration tool on Mac is hard. All those Windows based tools work inefficiently and inaccurately, leading to heavy data integrity loss.

By integrity loss, I mean that the tool doesn’t convert every single item from the input to the output, which are in this case OST and EML respectively. This is a major concern for everyone involved in the task of email migration. If you are scared of losing your important details from the email database, you are probably reasonable in your fear and anxiety since lots of tools don’t deal with data extraction cleanly.

OST to EML Converter from USL Software

But there’s a way. And that is by choosing a professional tool built with consideration to the challenges and complexities of the job. And what better source of email migration utilities than USL Software.

ost to eml converter for mac

USL Software has come forward plenty of times with excellent utilities designed for both experts and beginners in converting their data file. And this particular process explained above (converting OST to EML in Mac) is now backed by a powerful utility from USL Software itself. It’s called ‘OST Extractor Pro.’

ost to eml converter for windows

OST Extractor Pro” is fitted with dozens of useful features and options, but the top reason for why it is considered the most efficient tool for this job is its ability to convert data cleanly, without overlooking any item or detail. It preserves the entire data integrity of your database and extracts every single item into EML files without exception.

OST to EML Converter Free Download

You can try it today by downloading the free demo setup below. It gets you to convert ten items per folder, which is more than enough to let you check out how it works in action. All other features, such as large EML files, converting contacts and calendar entries too, and more are not restricted on trial edition.

Get it from the download page.

ost to eml converter

If you have any queries or face any setbacks during migration, you can always contact the support staff of USL Software. This is the only ost to eml converter for Mac and Windows, check it out today.

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