OST to MBOX Converter Free Windows or Mac? Get All Your Questions Answered Here!

OST to MBOX converter free Windows or Mac? Get your answers here and the best tool for converting these files for the most suitable platform.

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OST to MBOX Converter sound like a group of applications that would be best if they ran on Windows. After all, OST and PST are the file formats natively associated with Windows Outlook (though, PST can be imported to Mac Outlook as well).

OST to MBOX Converter Software

It’s also easy to develop software for Windows when it comes to data extraction tools. Therefore, you will see plenty of OST to MBOX converter for Windows. But the Windows based tools are not the best.

Even though OST is for Windows Outlook, the best email migration applications for converting OST to MBOX is for Mac. And not that there are plenty of efficient Mac compatible tools, it’s just that the Mac environment offers few benefits that Windows do not. And without going into the technical side of why that is, let’s take a look at the best Mac compatible OST to MBOX converter.

OST to MBOX Converter for Mac and Windows

OST to MBOX conversion can be a simple job if you have a good, professional converter.

OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software is exactly such a tool that will give you the best solution for this job. WIndows and Mac version available for the OST Extractor Pro.

OST Extractor Pro can convert data from OST file to MBOX, EML, PST, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

ost to mbox converter for mac

OST Extractor Pro for Mac

ost to mbox converter for windows

OST Extractor Pro for Windows

And why is it the best?

Let’s go over some of the best features of “OST Extractor Pro” and see why it has quickly become the most recommended OST to MBOX converter.

  • Mac and Windows Version: OST Extractor Pro is available for both Mac and Windows OS. Choose according your requirements.
  • Convert into multiple file formats: It can convert OST to MBOX, EML, PST, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird/Postbox.
  • OST to MBOX Conversion simplified – Extract data from OST file including Emails, contacts, calendars etc.
  • Powerful conversion: No matter how many and how large files you push with this tool for conversion, you will not get poor quality or inaccuracy or other performance issues.

  • Support for Non-English text characters: This has remained a huge problem for many non-English users or users with many non-English clients or friends. Only ‘OST Extractor Pro’ deals with complex language encoding standards like DBCS or Unicode correctly, giving you perfectly converted emails regardless of the characters they contain.

  • 3-click conversion step: One of its most likeable quality is the ease of use that enables even the least experienced user and offers a seamless experience to them. It’s 3 step conversion approach is simple: load the OST files, choose the folders to convert, and click convert button.

Easy to Convert OST to MBOX

There are plenty of other features and additional options “OST Extractor Pro” is equipped with. These are absolutely essential to such tasks and help users personalize the output to fit their needs, and yet, you will see them missing in all other traditional OST to MBOX converter.

Such as:

  • You can save the read and unread emails to different folders. Most other tools don’t even preserve the status of emails if they are read or unread.
  • It also converts contacts and calendar entries automatically to VCF and ICS files respectively. But more than that, it provides an additional and much wanted option to merge the data into a single data file per folder. So, you can now convert all contacts from one folder into a single VCF file (and all calendar data to a single ICS file), as opposed to outputting countless individual files for each entry.
  • Works on Mac. MBOX file supported email clients are mostly Mac based. So the Mac version is really help here. If you want to import into Apple Mail, then choose Apple Mail Archive for conversion. It will create native file format for Apple Mail.

Try the OST to MBOX Converter

Given its GUI (interface) and all other features, it is unlikely that you will need help. But there can be instances where you have a query or want to get out of unseen, unexpected situation. That’s where the 24×7 support staff of USL Software can help you tremendously.

There’s no price that can put on a true, helpful customer support.

Download the trial edition. It converts ten items per folder. You will not regret it.

ost to mbox converter

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If you are looking for OST to MBOX converter, the OST Extractor Pro will be the perfect for you.

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