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OST to PST converter free trial version that converts ten items within each folder. Try it today before activating. It’s the sharpest tool on the market for best results.

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OST to PST Converter Free Trial to Evaluate

OST is a format employed by Windows Outlook to store offline copy of your emails, contacts, and calendar entries. It’s similar to PST, except it is used for offline mode.

ost to pst converter free

Often times, OST files can be damaged due to viruses, hard drive failures, power failure, or such. They can also become inaccessible due to reasons like accidentally deleting the original email account with which the OST file was associated with. In all such cases, your data can be damaged or stuck inside OST files with no way to recover it back.

However, with USL Software’s advanced tool “OST Extractor Pro,” you can now convert the OST into PST. PST is the native file format for Windows Outlook that you can easily import into Outlook. Furthermore, you can also extract emails from OST into the standard messages format such as HTML, RTF, and TXT format as it is. The entire email structure and formatting will be cleanly extracted without changes.

convert ost to pst free

OST to PST Converter Free To Try

This unique and distinguished OST to PST converter is available as a free trial version to download now at the link given below. It works fully in a free trial mode with no limitations to any of the features in the full mode, except it converts only ten items per folder, which is enough for you to get an idea of its performance and how it works in action.

ost to pst free

If you are interested in knowing why “OST Extractor Pro” is featured as the best OST to PST converter free by most experts and basic users who use it, here are the most notable of reasons:

It’s extremely easy to use by anyone

The tool’s graphical interface is its most attractive feature of them all. Built with keeping the least and zero experienced users in mind, the interface features a simple and intuitive wizard to guide you for easy conversion and data recovery. The instructions are also easy to understand even by first time users who have no knowledge of OST to PST converters.

High Accuracy

When it comes to recovery and conversion of OST files to PST, the only thing that matters is most is that the data is recovered accurately. That means, no missing components, no unwanted modification, no integrity loss, no data fragmentation, and such. Whatever is inside OST files should be extracted into PST files cleanly with the original architecture intact.

Thankfully, that’s what this OST to PST converter from USL Software is fully capable of. The extensive algorithms of “OST Extractor Pro” ensure that nothing is left behind. It is capable of processing a single bit of data inside OST files (Repair OST file, if damaged or corrupted) and cleanly restore everything into PST format.

This includes items like images, attachments, nested messages, embedded graphical objects and other such as Word files, excel sheets, etc., Unicode text, metadata, headers, and so on.

You can be rest assured that whatever was inside your OST files, all of it will be implemented into PST format without exception.

Ability to Deal with Overly Large Files in Bulk

Most traditional OST to PST converters crash or do not function properly when dealing with large OST files. Most of them do not at all support bulk recovery of multiple OST files at a time. This is mainly because the task like email data recovery and conversion aren’t simple, and processing large files together can make it even more complex and heavy.

However, “OST Extractor Pro” works with its sharp programming framework built to process large files in bulk without problems. It runs steadily and do not falter ever, resulting in much quicker and efficient OST to PST conversion results.

Support for Non-English languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean!

Languages other than English, most commonly Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, they are encoded using double-bytes. That can make the data processing tricky for ordinary tools. But not for “OST Extractor Pro.” It can easily detect, process, recover, and finally convert text in any language from OST to PST.

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Download OST to PST Converter Free Today

Give it a try – http://www.ostextractorpro.com/download-now/.

The OST to PST converter free trial version can convert 10 items from each folder from OST to PST. You can download the setup below and simply install it and start the trial mode within 2 minutes. It requires nothing, no sign up, no information from you, no initial configuration or setup.

ost to pst converter free download

Try the OST to PST Converter free version and see how it works.

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