OST2PST Recover data from OST to PST effortlessly

Recover your data from OST2PST with simple, easy to use software that extract all data from OST and convert into PST file format. Get your free copy Now.

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Recover data from OST2PST

Corruption of OST files can trigger panic among users. There are many occasions where OST files render useless, inaccessible, or damaged, leaving the data stuck inside them. If you do not know how to go about such a situation, you would find it very annoying.

More is the frustration when the tools you have purchased do not work in converting OST to PST. Extracting the full data, achieving accuracy in conversion, not wasting too much time, and doing it effortlessly – are some of the demands by the users, but rarely provided.

To help you convert OST2PST

  • Easily, using interactive GUI
  • Quickly, through faster conversions
  • Accurately

…we have developed the perfect, most convenient, utility for OST2PST data recovery. If your emails, contacts, tasks, or any other items are wedged inside the damaged or inaccessible OST files, and you want to convert it into PST files, this tool would work wonders.

OST Extractor Pro” is the ost2pst converter and recovery Windows and Mac utility, that works on the advanced algorithm and logic for data extraction, delivering very sharp precision over the data. Moreover, the careful execution of design gives it a user-friendly GUI that would leave you overjoyed.


Technical Specifications

  • Fully compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • Supports all versions of MS exchange server- older versions and latest versions
  • Supports all version of MS outlook – 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 32 and 64 bit

OST2PST Converter Features

  • Here are some of powerful features it is equipped with
  • Split big PST files
  • Supports big OST files, up to several gigabytes
  • Supports the conversion of email messages into text, RTF, and HTML formats
  • Recovers password protected and encrypted files

The Amazing Data Integrity

It preserves the full data integrity, which means, it can recover and convert even the most vulnerable type of data elements that an ordinary tool can never recover. Here is the list of such impressive maneuvers it can undergo.

  • Supports mail messages conversion to text, RTF, and HTML format
  • Supports the recovery of attachments
  • Preserves embedded images within email body
  • Recovers nested messages and other attached messages
  • Recovers embedded excel sheets and word documents
  • Generate Unicode format to protect all text encodings (non-English content)
  • Email attributes, like Cc, Bcc, Time and Date stamp, Subject, To, etc. are preserved

What else?

  • Free 24*7 Support: Feel like you are stuck somewhere? Can’t make sense of something? We understand not everyone is supposed to be highly skilled, and even if one is, it is possible to stumble upon something confusing. For those situations, you can take help from our 24×7 technical support.
  • Free lifetime updates: We keep on rolling updates on regular basis to maintain its performance with the ever changing technology. Now get those updates free for your whole life time. Maintain its competency overtime, and never pay a dime for it.

Download for OST2PST Conversion

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ost2pst conversion

Click the download button to claim your free copy. It can be used to try the tool out without investing any money. Make you decision now for your ost2pst conversion.

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