Recover Pst files from OST without Any Efforts!

Recover PST files from OST using ‘OST Extractor Pro.’ No problem with data loss, intuitive and natural GUI, and fast conversion speed!

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Recover Pst files

Recovering and converting email files from one format to another is always a challenging task. Email files can be one of the complex data files containing a lot of information in different ways. OST and PST files are somewhat similar. Though, they both are associated with Windows Outlook, it can still be quite challenging to recover Pst files from OST file and convert them to multiple file formats.

How to Recover Pst files?

So, it’s a bold statement to say that you can recover Pst files and convert OST to PST & other file formats without efforts. But it’s true. Thanks to “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software. Especially to its user interface that makes everything seem like a breeze. It also lets you recover Pst files as well as convert emails from OST to the generic formats like PST, MBOX, EML etc formats without losing the email formatting and structure.

recover pst files

The way USL Software has made it possible is by minimizing manual inputs and actions and simplifying the entire method of recover Pst files and  conversion. The wizard guides you systematically through clear instructions and screens. All you have to do is locate your OST files, load them up to “OST Extractor Pro” (yes, you can load multiple files at once), choose the folders for conversion, and hit ‘convert.’ At last, import the converted PST files to Windows Outlook.

OST Extractor Pro” not only simplified the recover Pst files, but has also solved other challenges and offers many new features, such as:

  • It will recover Pst files from OST file
  • Convert OST file into multiple file format like PST, MBOX, EML, RGE etc.
  • Convert images, attachments, folder hierarchy, non-English text, and all other items that an OST file can contain.
  • It also cleanly converts text inside email bodies in languages like Chinese, Korean, or Japanese (these language use double-byte characters, which are very tricky for ordinary tools to convert). Traditional tools only support ASCII and UTF-8 encoding standards.
  • The tool maps the entire folder hierarchy from OST file without changes, keeping the order of your folders and sub-folders intact.
  • Deals with large OST files in bulk easily without affecting the precision of conversion at all.
  • It also runs smoothly without ever freezing or crashing
  • Supports OST files from all Outlook versions, Office 365, and Exchange account. The converted PST file is also supported in all of those versions.
  • Also supports password protected files and S/MIME encrypted emails
  • Very quick in data conversion and recovery
  • Capable of recovering data from severely damaged files too
  • 24×7 customer support
  • And more

OST Extractor Pro” finally puts an end to all the frustrations and pains that most of you have felt during recover Pst files. None of that anymore! All other ordinary OST conversion tools do not match the performance and qualities of “OST Extractor Pro.”

Download to Recover Pst files form OST

Download “OST Extractor Pro” today and start recover Pst files and convert it into your desire file formats without any efforts. The link below is for the free trial version that converts ten items within each folder but does not limit the user from checking out all the other features.

Download Now at


recover pst file

If you need any help, you can always rely upon the round the clock customer support of USL Software. They are friendly, experts in email recovery, and will take out of any situation with ease.

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