Change OST to PST Files Using a Simplified Tool that Anyone Can Use!

Change OST to PST file format easily using a third-party application that’s extremely easy to use and delivers accurate results without data fragmentation.

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Change OST to PST file format

Changing or converting email files is never an easy job. Changing OST to PST is also in the same domain, if not more problematic. Both files are associated with Windows Outlook but can differ a lot in their inner architecture. That makes it harder for a user, especially an untrained user, to extract contents for conversion from those files.

But today, we have a great solution for you. If you need to change OST to PST in the simplest yet most effective manner, the solution below will take you there.

It’s called ‘OST Extractor Pro‘.

change ost to pst

Change OST to PST with ‘OST Extractor Pro’

Developed by USL Software, “OST Extractor Pro” allows converting and recovering data from OST to PST files accurately. The powerful and dedicated algorithms ensure zero data loss and zero compromises to the data integrity. The easy to use interface makes it simple and straightforward to do the job. Even the least experienced users who have no technical knowledge of changing OST to PST files can start it right away.

Through modern processing logic, USL Software made the tool most accurate OST to PST extractor tool that’s out there. It handles every single bit of information cleanly. Whatever contents are stored in OST files, the exact replica will be extracted and converted into output PST files without exceptions.

This includes items that are usually very hard for conventional tools to handle, like:

  • Non-English text characters (especially including languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese because they are encoded using DBCS, also known as double bytes).
  • Folder hierarchy or the structure of your folders and sub-folders. The complex the hierarchy is, more difficult to keep it original in PST files.
  • Details of emails, like metadata, headers, timestamps, To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, etc
  • Nested messages (emails and replies that are conversational)

OST Extractor Pro” is the only software solution currently that can convert all those items in the list above. It doesn’t modify, alter, or miss anything. The contents of OST files get scanned, extracted, and converted to PST while maintaining the fidelity very precisely.

The second thing that most tools miss misses by a mile is making the interface intuitive to use. It’s near impossible to just launch the tool and get it right the first time with the conventional tools. There are plenty of manual inputs and confusing options that never make sense to an untrained user and even makes an IT professional frustrated.

With “OST Extractor Pro,” this aspect is well thought of. The interface is clean and intuitive. All the advanced features and options are structured nicely under a single screen wizard. And apply those features at the correct time is natural and intuitive even for beginners. The complex options available offer the flexibility to users without cluttering the UI.

There’s also support for converting non-English text characters while changing OST to PST or converting the files. Most tools falter at this point because languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese use double-bytes to encode a single character and that makes it very challenging for ordinary tools to detect and recover. Not so much for ‘OST Extractor Pro.’

Download it today to change OST to PST file

Try the free setup today. It works for ten items per folder and you can thoroughly check out the features and the interface without any limitations. The customer support of USL Software is always there to make it easier for you in case you have queries or face any issues.

Download the setup here to change OST to PST.

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