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Convert .OST to .PST File using Free Download of a trial version of “OST Extractor Pro” by USL Software. Get the most accurate conversion that’s always imprecise and full of errors otherwise!

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This post is about how to convert .OST to .PST file in the best way possible. You can get the free download of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ that features the advanced algorithms to convert data accurately. But before we talk about the tool and how it works, first let’s get the basic background information about the conversion task out of the way.

.ost to .pst

.OST and .PST Files – And What Are They?

Windows Outlook automatically creates an OST file when you add an IMAP or Exchange based email account. All the data is downloaded into an OST file. OST file serves as an exchanged copy of your mail data that you can access even offline. The changes made in an offline mode will get synced to the servers once the connection is back up. It only stores emails.

On the other hand, PST file is usually a backup copy of your data. You can manually archive everything including emails, contacts, and calendar entries into a PST file. And its capacity for storing large data makes it a useful file format. It is also used with POP3 email account. And you can manually change the settings of your Outlook to store data into PST for an IMAP or Exchange account, but it is not recommended for several reasons. One of them is that any changes you will make to the PST file will not be synced to the servers, and will remain only locally on your computer.

Where does .OST to .PST conversion come from?

So, why does one need to convert .OST to .PST?

There could be few cases where converting .OST to .PST is required. Since you are on this page, it may be possible that you have one of those requirements:

OST file is not used for importing, backing up, or migrating data. The file is only associated with the email account that created it in the first place.

If you delete the file, Outlook will create another whenever you open it the next time. But if you delete the email account itself from Outlook, the OST file downloaded will be useless. Now, if you have synced all the changes you made to the file offline on to the servers, you will be fine. But if not, all your changes will be stuck in an inaccessible file. Most users try to import the OST file into Outlook, which doesn’t work. Outlook doesn’t support that feature because the OST format isn’t developed for that purpose.

Without deleting the email account, you can still face the problems where Outlook would be having trouble connecting with the OST file and syncing the data correctly. This can be due to many factors, like viruses, network errors, hard drive failures, power failures, unexpected shutdown of computer, and so on. All these factors can damage the connection between OST and Outlook, or the OST file itself.

But, largely, they do not damage the data itself within the OST file. If they do, you will need a recovery tool. But largely, they do not, and that leaves you with one option to get your data from inaccessible OST files into Outlook – by converting .OST to .PST.

How to Convert .OST to .PST?

At last, we are back to our main topic for the post. How to convert .OST to .PST files?

Sadly, there is no inbuilt feature inside Outlook that can help you with that. ScanOST.exe is a program from Microsoft that can help you recover the damaged OST files. But as said above, if it’s not the damage to the file itself, the program won’t help you much. You need a third-party file converter to convert the format itself to PST.

Why to PST? Because PST is a typical data file that is used for importing, exporting, migrating, backup, etc. So, you can convert OST to PST files, and then simply import PST into Outlook and you will get all your data back.

Other unfortunate fact remains that most of the third-party converters are very limited and inefficient with their features and algorithms for data conversion. It should be noted that the extraction and conversion of files is rather complicated and cannot be pulled off by simple and poorly developed algorithms.

And that’s when “OST Extractor Pro” comes into play.

Convert .OST to .PST – Free Download of “OST Extractor Pro”

OST Extractor Pro” is an application for converting .OST to .PST files. It’s trial version is available for free download, which lets you convert 10 items per folder while giving access to all of its features. It’s a perfect way for you to check out how it works, its interface, and all the advanced functionalities it has to offer.

convert .ost to .pst

It is also the only OST to PST converter that works flawlessly in both Mac OS X and Windows operating system. You can download whichever one you want.

The most notable feature of the tool is the accuracy it offers. Data conversion is tricky, and email conversion is the worst of them all. It often results in missing elements, like images, attachments, metadata, headers, nested emails, and others. This is called data integrity loss and is the biggest concern while converting OST to PST files.

But ‘OST Extractor Pro” offers smart and dedicated converting logic for all the complex items inside your files. It makes sure nothing is left behind or converted with missing details. It also supports converting non-English text characters and keeps the folder hierarchy same.

how to convert .ost to .pst

The tool distinguishes itself from the others mainly on its impressive accuracy, the ability to convert large OST files in bulk, its intuitive interface that makes the job simple even for non-experienced users, and the 24×7 tech support.

Get it today to convert .ost to .pst file

Offered by USL Software, it is now available in a free trial version that converts ten items per folder and you can check out how all the features work.

converting .ost to .pst

Click here to download the setup and convert .ost. to .pst without any hassle.

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