OST to PST Converter With Advanced Features

OST to PST Converter with plenty of useful features, a smart GUI, and algorithms for accurate conversion. Try it out and see for yourself!

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OST to PST Converter With Advanced Features and Smart Graphical Interface. It will give you seamless conversion from ost to pst file format.

About OST to PST Converter & Why We Need It

Today, we will be discussing about the best OST to PST converter, why it is best, and what is its major function. But before we can start that, we need to know a little bit about the task of OST to PST conversion itself and what does it all mean.

What are OST and PST files?

Every email client uses a file to store data. Outlook uses OST and PST file for the same purpose but both of the files are not the same and are used differently.

PST – For Personal Storage table, is a standard file for Outlook, in which you can archive everything for backup, exporting, importing, or migrating data easily. It’s a native and proprietary file format for Windows Outlook.

OST – For Offline Storage Table, is a file used in which Outlook downloads your data from servers on your local machine. It enables offline mode and when the connection is back up, Outlook automatically syncs all the changes made while offline to the servers of your email account.

Why We Need OST to PST Converter?

There could be many reasons to convert OST to PST files. Here are few most common ones. Since you are already here, you may already know at least one of them. See if it is listed below.

  • Since you cannot import OST into Outlook, deleting the email account and keeping OST file is a bad idea. The data will be stuck in your OST with no way to get them other than by converting OST to PST files.
  • Hard drive failures or bad sectors in your hard drive where OST files are kept can cause problems with OST files.
  • If during syncing data between OST and the mail servers, there is abrupt disconnection interrupting the sync process, it may make OST files inaccessible or corrupt.
  • Virus or malware can affect almost anything on your computer. So, OST files aren’t an exception. However, some of the viruses can erase or damage OST files completely beyond repair, so it is a good idea to always have an antivirus installed.
  • Power failure can lead to issues with OST files. And if Outlook is open during the power failure, it is very likely that it may cause damage with OST files.

You may find that either Outlook is not functioning properly because it cannot load up OST file, or that you mistakenly thought OST file can be used to import data but now you are stuck. In all these cases, you can get OST files converted to PST and then import PST.

OST to PST Converter for Safe and Quick Conversion

This is where this OST to PST Converter a.k.a. “OST Extractor Pro” comes into play. It’s the best OST to PST Converter that makes it possible for even the most basic home user with no experience to quickly convert OST to PST files. This is a huge relief for many because the conventional OST to PST converters have terrible interfaces that can be hard to use even by experts.

ost to pst converter

OST Extractor Pro – Extract, Recover and Convert OST to PST

Here are few top features of “OST Extractor Pro”:

  1. Supports conversion of non-English text, including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
  2. It can convert data along with the folder hierarchy information as well
  3. Maps the entire email metadata from OST to PST correctly
  4. Supports large OST files conversion
  5. Support batch OST files conversion
  6. Detailed conversion log/report in text format
  7. Manual folder selection option
  8. Preserves images, attachments, nested emails, and headers
  9. And more

OST to PST Converter Free Trial

Get it here: http://www.ostextractorpro.com/download-now/.

Download the ost to pst converter trial version. This OST to PST Converter will let you check out the features in detail and will convert up to ten items per folder. When satisfied, activate the full version by buying the appropriate license for your needs.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Launch it and click ‘Open OST filethe ost to pst converter
  2. Browse and select OST file for conversionost pst converter
  3. Select output format “PST File (*.pst)” and click “Export”ost 2 pst converter
  4. Choose a folder for to save PST file
    ost to pst converter
  5. Now, it will start converting the OST fileost to pst converter tool
  6. You are done here. Now you can access the PST file and see the  log report for detailost to pst converter software

This is an easy to use OST to PST converter, give it a try.

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