Import OST to Outlook 2016 by First Converting it to PST Using “OST Extractor Pro”

You can't import OST to Outlook 2016 but you can convert it to PST and then import PST. However, OST to PST conversion isn't a simple process. You need a professional tool!

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Import OST to Outlook 2016 for Mac & Windows

If you are looking to import OST to Outlook 2016, then you should know that you cannot do it directly. However you can import the same data inside the OST file by first converting it to PST format and then importing PST to Outlook.

PST is a format by Microsoft for Windows Outlook, but it is also compatible with Mac Outlook versions. So by converting OST to PST, you can move your data regardless if you use Mac or Windows Outlook.

But you may ask, how to convert OST to PST. And that’s a valid concern, considering it’s a not daily occurrence of converting complex data files.

This post will address that to your full satisfaction.

import ost to outlook

Import OST to Outlook 2016 with ease

To begin, you need to forget about any manual conversion methods. They can do more harm than good. And to nip it in the bud, when we are talking about OST to PST conversion, we are not talking about merely changing the names of the files. You can’t rename an OST file and add .pst at its end.

To convert the files of this complexity, a software needs to fully restructure the data after extracting it from the original files in a way that’s fit for PST files that you can import to Outlook.

One of the best ways to do that is through ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ from USL Software. It’s been developed to cater to the subtleties and high range of intricate information that OST files contain.

import ost to outlook 2016

You know the important of all the information inside those OST files. Ranging from attachments to images to metadata, etc., all have crucial factor for your database. They could be clients’ information, your precious family photos, or contacts that you have saved over the years. A regular OST to PST converter would lose many of them. If not, it will certainly modify the details to the point that’s considered data integrity loss.

For example, modifying the properties of images, destroying the folder hierarchy, corrupting email addresses, etc.

No wants that to happen.

And that’s why it is so important to use tools like “OST Extractor Pro”.

import ost to outlook for mac

Best tool to Import OST to Outlook 2016

Here are few more reasons why it quickly gained the reputation of best tool to import OST to Outlook 2016, or rather to convert OST to PST:

  • Interface that requires no knowledge or experience: even if you are basic user and have no knowledge of such email migration, you can use the tool away, thanks to the intuitive UI that makes the process simple.

  • It also converts OST files to other formats like for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML files.

  • It is safe to use. The tool doesn’t require any additional add-ins, not even an internet connection.

  • It allows manual selection of the folders you want to convert or the folders you don’t. Just remove the check/tick from the boxes next to the folders you don’t want to convert.

  • Data conversion rate is quick, making it possible to avoid wasting your time unnecessarily. It can convert data much faster (almost double as quick as any other conventional tools available on web).

Get it to import OST to Outlook 2016

You can download it here. Get the setup file, install and launch, and get started in no time. The free trial version is a great way to go through the entire set of features and interface that will help you make up your mind to get the full version if you are satisfied.

import ost to outlook 2016 for mac

To import ost to Outlook 2016 for Mac or Windows, try ‘OST Extractor Pro.

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