Looking for a Microsoft Tool to Convert OST to PST? Here’s Something Better!

Microsoft tool to convert OST to PST? Unfortunately, there are none. But here’s something better that could help you convert files efficiently!

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Microsoft Tool to Convert OST to PST

Unfortunately, Microsoft tool to convert OST to PST doesn’t exist. Do not confuse ScanOST.exe program by Microsoft with OST to PST converter. ScanOST.exe can only scan the files for corruption, and depending on the severity of it, it can repair them. But to actually convert the file formats from OST to PST, you need a third-party tool.

But don’t worry. Even if Microsoft tool to convert OST to PST is not there, we can offer you something better.

First of all, the best way to try out this tool is to download it here. Don’t worry. You don’t need to buy it just yet. Just install and start using the free trial version.

The tool is called ‘OST Extractor Pro’ and has every bit of functionality and features you are looking for a correct data conversion of your files. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ works by extract the contents from OST files with sharp precision using advanced algorithms and dedicated logic for all tricky components inside the files.

microsoft tool to convert ost to pst

And this is why it has made its mark in this domain. Because most of the other traditional converters are not programmed for accuracy. And when it comes to converting OST to PST, this is the biggest problem. Loss of images, attachments, metadata, and headers, and so on is very common. And this is where “OST Extractor Pro”.

And this is why it has made its mark in this domain. Because it takes care of data integrity like no other conventional converter can. It delivers perfect and thorough conversion of each and every element that your selected Ost files would contain.

microsoft ost to pst tool

Here are few more of its impressive traits:

Batch Conversion: If you have more than one OST file, do not worry. The full support for batch conversion will give you the liberty to convert large number of OST files in one attempt.

Manual folder removing: After you select the files for conversion, you will get to see all the folders inside them. You can also uncheck the folders you don’t wish to convert OST to PST.

Support all OST: Although OST files from all Outlook editions, Office 365, and Exchange servers are pretty much the same, most converters sometimes do not support all of them. But “OST Extractor Pro” does. No need to worry about that.

Folder Hierarchy: Do you arrange your emails in folders and then arrange your folders into sub-folders? Many users do that. It is a good way to keep things neat and tidy in this age of emailing where even a normal user receives dozens of emails every day. Thanks to “OST Extractor Pro,” now during the conversion of OST2PST, you will not lose your complex folder structure.

Protect non-English characters: “OST Extractor Pro” is built with dedicated logic for all languages, most importantly for languages that use Unicode encoding standard, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Conversion Log: The detailed conversion log at the end of the conversion can help advanced users understand and analyze the process better and see if there anything unusual with the items.

Support: finally, the support of USL Software will take care of any queries or problems you might face unexpectedly.

convert ost to pst microsoft tool

Download Free Trial Version Today

Click Here to download the trial version and check it out!

microsoft convert ost to pst

There is no Microsoft tool to convert ost to pst, so you can try this software for better results.

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