OST to PST Conversion – Convert Everything Accurately Including Images, Folder Hierarchy, Attachments, and Other Items!

OST to PST Conversion – the best solution to OST corruption or some other problems that can make OST files inaccessible. Try it today and see it for yourself!

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OST to PST conversion is the best answer to how to open OST files in Outlook. OST is not the kind of file format that you can simply import to Outlook. That function is allowed for PST file, which is a standard file format used for exporting, importing, and migrating data.

Suppose, you are changing your organization and you have the OST file that you plan on taking with you to keep your personal data with yourself. Unfortunately, having just an OST file doesn’t work since you cannot open it with the same server connection that created it. It is basically just a copy of your exchange mailbox.

So, that brings us back to OST to PST conversion. However, that opens up another problem – where to find a good OST to PST converter that will let you convert the files while keeping the items preserved.

Do not worry. This is where this blog post comes in.

OST to PST Conversion Tool

OST Extractor Pro” is an app developed with proper care and attention to any problem usually faced with such a project. Where all other converters fail, “OST Extractor Pro” will deliver premium experience with its advanced functionality and simple UI.

ost to pst conversion

How to Use “OST Extractor Pro”

Let’s first begin talking about how to use the tool. The steps are outlined below.

You can follow the steps below if you want. Just download the free trial setup for that purpose.

  1. Step 1: Install “OST Extractor Pro” and launch it.
  2. Step 2: Click on ‘Open’ and select the folder containing OST files.
  3. Step 3: After loading the files and the contents in them, you can see all the folders and can exclude any folder from converting into output PST files.
  4. Step 4: Click ‘Export’ and choose the location to save the PST files.

This is it! A process with myriad of confusing steps has been reduced to just four clicks by “OST Extractor Pro”.

ost to pst conversion

You might be now wondering, if it is so easy to use, it may be missing something. In that case, read its advanced features below and you will be surprised by its power, flexibility, and range of features that no other tool offer.

Features of “OST Extractor Pro”

Here are the features of “OST Extractor Pro,” making it the most recommended for this job.

  • 1 – It converts non-English characters accurately. Also includes characters from Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages.
  • 2 – The tool keeps folder hierarchy safe and intact during OST to PST conversion
  • 3 – The quick interface makes it simple even for beginners
  • 4 – supports batch conversion. You can convert multiple OST files to PST in one click.
  • 5 – Supports large OST files up to any size.
  • 6 – Supports conversion of OST to PST from all sources such as Outlook 2007 to 2016 edition, Office 365, Exchange servers, and so on.
  • 7 – Converts email items like metadata and headers (To, From, Subject Line, Time and Date)
  • 8 – Manual folder selection makes it easy to remove any folder you wish to exclude from output
  • 9 – Tech support 24×7. Quick to respond, friendly to assist, and expert in email conversion.

Free Download for OST to PST Conversion

Click here to download the trial version and see it working in action. You will not regret it. OST to PST conversion used to be incredibly hard and lengthy; now it is going to be a cakewalk without compromising with professional features, accuracy, and speed.

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