OST to PST Converter Freeware or Paid, Professional Tools?

Outlook OST to PST Converter Freeware don’t give anything you need for safe and accurate file conversion. Try “OST Extractor Pro,” a professional tool if you care about safety and integrity of your data!

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OST to PST Converter Freeware Vs Pro

You probably have OST files that you cannot import to Windows Outlook. Or that you probably are trying to open Outlook but it gives the error, “cannot open OST files.”

Both cases require you to convert Outlook OST files to PST. PST is the data file that you can use to import & export data (or for backup), unlike OST, which is just for offline data usage.

ost to pst converter freeware

Do not choose OST to PST Converter Freeware, Here’s Why?

And let me warn you right here: do not choose any OST to PST converter freeware. They will not only consume your precious time but will also convert data inaccurately. It’s seen quite frequently that such freeware solutions end up with huge data integrity loss.

free ost to pst converter freeware

What do I mean by data integrity?

Data integrity means the input and the output (in this case, OST and PST files respectively) have everything the same in details, properties, and metadata. Ordinary OST to PST freeware tools can miss certain components during conversion leaving the output PST files lacking in data integrity. Few examples include email attachments, headers, images, folder hierarchy, and so on.

outlook ost to pst converter freeware

Another thing you have to face with unprofessional applications is very poor interface that makes the job harder than it has to. Designing a user-interface for any software requires not just proper arrangement of all the options and screens, but to minimize the inputs required to perform the complete job. Unnecessary value inputs can overwhelm the users instead of providing flexibility.

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Third problem with OST to PST converter freeware applications is lack of any help, either in the form of tech support or even clearly written instructions and tutorials. Considering the difficult to use interface, lack of any help can make the entire project dire and tedious. It is certainly not for beginners, but even IT experts can find it too demanding.

ost to pst converter freeware software

All such complications can be resolved by a professional tool with a good support. But even paid tools come in many varieties and not all of them will offer an efficient way to convert OST to PST files. Sometimes they can even be worse.

ost to pst converter freeware tools

A better alternative to OST to PST Converter freeware

If you are concerned now and feeling anxious about the typical OST to PST converters, do not be. This article wasn’t written with the intention of making things worse, but to solve it. And therefore, the tool revealed below will offer you what you need to convert the files accurately, quickly, and without any efforts.

OST Extractor Pro

ost to pst converter freeware download

It is developed and marketed by USL Software and features an intuitive UI that will make it a breeze to convert the files, even for non-experienced users. But it’s biggest feature is in the algorithms that convert data with precision, leading to zero data integrity loss. It will scan the files deeply and extensively, leaving no metadata or detail behind.

Moreover, the 24×7 support of USL Software in spite of easy interface and an excellent tool, makes it into an entire software package rather than an ordinary file converter. You will never have to worry about OST to PST converter freeware or paid tools anymore.

Download ‘OST Extractor Pro’

Get this Pro software free trial version given below.

Download Link: http://www.ostextractorpro.com/download-now/.

download ost to pst converter freeware

Never ever go for any ost to pst converter freeware tools, if you are concern about your valuable data.

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