Recover contents from damaged OST to Outlook PST file efficiently, quickly, and accurately

Simplified OST to Outlook PST conversion. Try 'OST Extractor Pro' today to recover & repair OST files(even from damaged OST) and convert in Outlook PST.

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Recover from damaged OST to Outlook PST

Are you looking to convert OST to Outlook PST file? May be your organization is shifting, or you are leaving your organization, or your data is stuck in damaged OST files that are inaccessible; in all these situations, you need to convert OST files to PST to get your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar entries back.

But it is easily said than done. The recovery of data from OST files, and then implanting it into new PST files, is a highly complex job. The OST recovery or conversion tools that claim to extract the data properly, rarely work the way you want them to work.

To name few of the problems seen often times with bad third party tools, here they are

  • Very, very difficult to understand GUI
  • Slow speed of data extraction and data conversion
  • Incomplete conversion of OST to Outlook PST file
  • Inaccurate conversion that leaves out important data attributes
  • Could make corruption more prominent
  • Lack of required options and functionalities
  • Compatibility tools

Ultimate tool to recover OST to Outlook PST

If you want to rise above these problems, convert OST to Outlook PST file efficiently, accurately, and quickly, you need a third party app that could provide you all that.

OST Extractor Pro” qualifies as such a tool, fully adept in delivering the results you expect from OST to PST data extraction. Through advanced technology, sharp algorithms, and detailed designing makes it easy to use tool, which does not compromise with speed and accuracy.

Four of the most impressive functionalities

OST to Outlook PST

Split PST file

Often times with huge databases, the tool converts the data from OST and creates a huge PST file. Big sized PST files affect Outlook performance and make it slow.

“OST Extractor Pro” can split PST files if it gets bigger than the specified size. You do have to do it manually.

Recovery Everything

The tools able to convert only emails, offers no practical value. You need to recover everything – mail, contact, folder, post, calendar, appointment, meeting request, distribution list, task, task request, journal and note from OST files to PST files.

“OST Extractor Pro” is capable of FULL data extraction, leaving nothing behind.

Data Accuracy

Other than the incomplete data extraction, users have another concern. The most of the tools fail to deliver high data integrity or data accuracy, which makes the final PST files vastly dissimilar to the source. The tools fail to detect and recover many small, but important, data fragments (elements).

Some of the most vulnerable types of data elements hard to preserve are:

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Imbedded images
  • Imbedded objects, such as, excel sheets or word documents
  • Metadata (To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, time, and date)
  • Attachments
  • Unicode content (text in any language, not just English)

“OST Extractor Pro” has the in-depth coding for the detection of such information; and the conversion algorithm safely converts them to PST files, making the accuracy sharp to the smallest level.

Other features include

  • Recover mail messages in plain text, RTF and HTML format
  • Recover and converts large OST file
  • Recovers Passport protected files
  • Recovers encrypted files

Free Trial version

The free trial version can convert 10 files from OST to PST from each folder. Which is enough to evaluate the tool and gain your trust.

Do not wait any longer.

Recover your data from OST files to PST with full accuracy, power, and efficiency…now. Click here to claim your free copy and recover damaged OST to Outlook PST.

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